Managing the servers that make up today's complex Internet applications is an important element in the overall NEMA solution. Well beyond simple hardware break-fix support, NEMA manages the foundational software - OS, Web Server, Application Server, Database - that supports the overall application. The services start and end with comprehensive customer support and is enhanced with design services, system provisioning, advanced monitoring and the most sophisticated data center infrastructure in the industry.

NEMA's Managed Server support starts before the client's first server is installed. Effective planning ensures long-term performance, availability and customer satisfaction. Early customer engagement includes:

  • Definition of the site requirements and architectural design specifications.
  • Development of a detailed project plan including scheduled design reviews.
  • Consideration of dedicated or shared network and load balancing configurations.
  • Detailed financial proposals for provisioning, installation and monthly services for hardware and software system components.

System Deployment
A successful deployment of an online business is critical to its success. NEMA works with every customer through each step of the process to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction at each step. A Technical Account Manager operates as the single point of contact throughout the customer engagement with NEMA. Depending on their specific business and technical needs, customers receive:

  • Installation and configuration of Unix and Windows servers from Sun and Compaq and other system hardware with IP connectivity.
  • Installation and configuration of foundation software including Operating System, Web server, Application Server, Database, as well as Web site reporting and system monitoring software.
  • DNS registration, configuration and IP address management setup.
  • Setup and configuration of Secure Remote Access for secure system administration from the customer site.
  • Setup of customer account within the NEMA customer care portal, where customers can track systems performance statistics, service metrics, update customer information, modify rules of contact, review processes and procedures.

Monthly Managed Services
NEMA's Managed Servers solutions deliver the highest level of managed hosting services to assure continuous high-performance and system availability. Monthly Services include:

  • 24 x 7 system monitoring including OS, database, application server, CPU, disk and memory utilization.
  • Problem detection, notification, investigation and resolution.
  • Timely updating of operating systems patches and service packs to assure optimum performance.
  • System administration functions such as tape restore, server reboots, add/delete passwords, DNS and IP address changes and DNS domain changes.

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